ElectroBike USA has many solutions to fit into a public sector environment as well as corporate lines of business. More and more businesses look at alternative means of reducing the carbon footprint both inside and outside of their 4 walls. ElectroBike has an answer!

Our Corporate Packages include:

  • Discounts for volume purchases over 10 bikes
  • Customized racks, bags, and delivery boxes
  • Ability to add customized logo on bikes and boxes
  • Employee Recognition and rewards program for gift giveaway
  • Promote National Bike to Work Day by offering employee purchase program

Opportunities and benefits for customer

  • Modern and innovative image
  • Amenity/perk to hotel guest
  • Rental opportunity to drive guest revenue
  • Promote green energy
  • Visit local attractions or points of interest without hassling with traffic or parking

Private Security and Police
  • Agile to navigate traffic and special events
  • Faster than traditional bikes
  • Ability to respond faster to incidents than traditional bikes
  • Economical to operate and maintain
  • 3 ride modes: manual, assist and automatic
  • Sustainable, green energy

Delivery Services
  • Great for dense urban environments
  • Promote your business brand
  • No special license or required to operate
  • Low capitol investment
  • Low maintenance, insurance and operating costs

Corporate sustainability and employee wellness
  • Offer public alternative mode of commute
  • Reduce rider commute times vs traditional bikes
  • Promote healthy lifestyle
  • Improve image of city
  • Innovative technology to solving urban transportation challanges
  • Low cost investment to operate and maintain
  • Ride decides when and how much pedaling they want to do
  • Opens ridership to elderly and those with limited mobility.